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There is room available for everyone to create a difference in this space. We at 2020 realize that the world is moving more and more towards an integrated approach to running business operations. Customers are moving away from multi-product model to a unified model that will not only give them an inter-operative common platform to run their businesses, but will also free them of the nuances of working with multiple vendors. The power of our value proposition to customers lies in our ability to build the ecosystem that can help them achieve their dreams.

2020 provides rapid integration of third party software and hardware

2020 Broker is scalable, resilient and future-proof. It utilizes a Windows server-client architecture based on the latest .NET Framework, SQL databases, and uses standards-compliant Service Oriented Architecture with duplex Windows Communication Foundation web connectivity to allow rapid integration of 3rd party software and hardware products.

Sensor Integration

2020 enhances and extends existing device capabilities. 2020 has fully embraced the openness of OPC technology, exposing data via third party OPC Servers. OPC provides universal connectivity to countless devices, protocols and APIs with a wide range of plug-ins to support most popular PLC protocols. Further to this 2020 have a number of custom drivers for GPS and central alarm monitoring receivers (intruder, fire and access control).

Video Connectivity

2020 enhances and extends existing video capabilities. The 2020 platform is a video storage, management and monitoring tool that integrates with existing video camera systems. It is a scalable video management solution with multiple Network Video Recorders (NVRs) installed at multiple surveillance sites, continuously recording and analyzing video from numerous network and analogue cameras. 90% of all network cameras and 99.9% of analog cameras sold on the market are supported. When new cameras become available, or if currently unsupported cameras are required, new camera drivers are easily added on.

Enterprise Integration

Line of Business adapters enable 2020 to integrate enterprise applications, databases and messaging platforms (SAP, Oracle, Siebel). Microsoft Active Directory (AD) integration lets you centrally manage and synchronize Windows user accounts with administrator and operator accounts.

Partner Ecosystem

Be it Technology Partners who can add value to the 2020 platform, or Solution Partners who can use 2020 platform as part of a bigger solution or Business Partners who are our primary go to market channels – 2020 Imaging is trying to build an ecosystem for providing effective data visualization, video analytics and business impact to its customers.