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With a whole system engineered around us to allow you strong analytics algorithms that are developed and tested against sturdy information sets, 2020 Analytics can provide you with the intelligence you wish for your business.

Some of our salient options include:

  • Analytics built on customized library and quality (ONVIF)
  • Accurate alerts in centralized and decentralised surroundings
  • Developed and experiment against PETS and i-LIDS Datasets
  • Easy to put together with lower setup times (30 Sec – one Minute)

Video Analytics

Video analytics watches the cameras for you and solely notifies you once some action must be taken. higher utilizes security resources by focusing attention on decision-making instead of detection, move from a reactive to preventive police investigation strategy and accelerate reaction time to threats.

Sensor Analytics

Expressive queries processes and correlates information from multiple streams into significant results. machine-controlled advanced event process permits operators to achieve immediate insight from device and event information from devices. Key purpose indicators update in near-real time through event-driven process.

Few of the video analytics applications developed by 2020 embody – individuals pursuit, Face Recognition, Abandoned Baggage Detection, lay Vehicle Detection, Sterile Zone observation, Heatmap pursuit and folks count.