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2020TouchControl is one of the manifestations of the 2020Touch Platform that you can use as an intelligent Command and Control centre or adapt and use as a Video Management (VMS) or Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) application.

Supported by state-of-the-art security protocols, an elastic infrastructure, advanced mobility, and interactive reporting and analytics, our 2020Touch Platform provide users with simultaneous visibility and interactivity, so that they are able to use real-time data gathered from multiple sources to make better informed decisions and manage content with increased efficiency and speed.

  • Turn your screen into a multi-touch screen by highlighting a portion of the screen to show relevant data. You can also size/resize the frame instantly
  • Create navigation using contextual data that specifically addresses your users’ business needs
  • Playback synchronized multiple videos or video and audio elements
  • Detect, identify, and track objects in real-time through proprietary video analysis and image-processing technologies
  • Select and retrieve metadata
  • Get customized incident report

Get Instant remote access for visual verification of live or recorded video. Have a timeline with key-frame thumbnail preview and integrated alerts. Rapidly create on-the-fly video sequences for selected areas. Maneuver video with fluid, user-defined grid layouts and video tile resizing. Pan / tilt / zoom with onscreen joystick.


Presenting information on a map enables operators to have a higher level of situation awareness. Not only can a quick search be done to find the area of interest, a wide variety of real-world data can be analyzed, interpreted and represented to facilitate decision making from a variety of information sources.

Alert Handling

The system eliminates ‘noise’, and provides pointers for analysts to hone in on the most high-impact issues. The system presents only the most relevant data to analysts, providing supporting data in a way that highlights what are likely the biggest problems and why.

You can configure the alerts based on an escalation mechanism. You no longer have to painstakingly troubleshoot an occurred incident. Manage 2020’s alerts and you may probably never have an incident to troubleshoot!

Incident Reporting

Incident Report
The 2020 system documents and tracks the essentials of what, where, when, who, why, how and how much of the incident management process. With cross-referenced or linked records including incidents, persons, vehicles, and locations.

Touch Config

The 2020 advanced configuration application is WPF centralised advanced configuration environment for middleware and service enabled applications:

  • Build and deploy .NET and SOA-based rule-based applications
  • Components required to design, deploy and manage business processes, including business activity monitoring, business rules management, document and content management, system integration, business-to-business protocols and web portal tools
  • Configure the message, service, API and security gateway
  • Configure service applications