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2020Touch Platform
Intelligence at your fingertips

Enhance operator performance with an interface that enables functions to be performed faster, with increased accuracy and with less effort and training. The 2020Touch Platform and modular software architecture allows for customization to meet the precise needs of each unique customer and installation.

We have designed each of our platform features keeping in mind the end benefit at your fingertips.


No more physical boundaries
2020Touch removes physical boundaries to interaction, creating experiences that are more efficient and effortless. Operators can interact directly with content and respond to events faster and more fluidly. Users feel like they are directly interacting with the objects on the screen, with a natural, real-world feel. Knowing how the interface behaves or what to expect, means it is extremely intuitive, naturally and instinctively understood and comprehended. Screen content can be modified to need, enabling useful workspace optimization.

2020Touch GUI is a multiTouch platform that allows the operator and other operational personnel massive flexibility to handle and make sense of all the pervasive devices that are in the field. All this data is shown on 2020Touch consoles and video wall which can be worked by a number of operators concurrently – this allows to identify, learn and assess consequences of potential situations. This greatly assists the speed of operational efficiency and enables senior personnel who are familiar with standard policies to train others in those procedures within the organization or across a number of organizations.

No more manuals
The entire platform has been built with the aim being self-serviceable and easily adoptable for users without having to read pages and pages of manuals.

For example, 2020Touch allows any two screen elements to be virtually connected immediately with just a touch and drag with two fingers. For instance pulling in a picture or data element from one part of the screen to an incident report (which already automatically knows parameters such as camera position, geo-coordinates, time, nature of alert etc.) automatically populates the incident report.

No more ad hoc responses to events
2020Touch supports planning using its unique multiTouch capability and innovative 3D modeling engine. We can look at sensor data at a Touch back through time and do trend analysis matched by visual data from video cameras to assist planning in improvement and repair regimes.

Our integrated approach increases productivity, quality of supervision, control and network-wide collaboration and enhances operations providing an effective and quicker response to multi-crisis situations. Our system architecture allows screens or reports generated from the GUI to be sent to any other person on the network. Annotation tools permit a user to annotate the screen/drawings/incident reports with comments and send this to the appropriate concerned individuals in the field or another desk location.

All the contemporaneous alarm/alert information coming into the system is recorded alongside video, ensuring the whole event-history of the site is faithfully logged in real time. The operator can fully “revisit” historical events, seeing not only the video at the time but the alerts as they came in or were detected by analytics. Historical record shows where individuals and vehicles were on a second-to-second basis.

Superior decision making is the power of the platform
By reducing the design to its essence and solving for distractions, not discoverability, the operator can do more with less. Leaving only the most relevant elements on screen, operators are immersed in the content, with a cleaner and more purposeful experience. Consistent presentation allows users to develop usage patterns, learn how things work, and rapidly operate new features; allowing agile, intelligent action whilst reacting to a threat or situation.

These, regardless of protocol and type of sensor are captured and then flow through to our NVR and Visualization platform. In short, making content more engaging and immersive, bringing to life real-time ‘if/then’ modeling and visualization to enable superior decision making is the power of the platform.