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Ensuring total security at a facility requires systems that can perpetually track the identity, location and activity of people and vehicles within the monitored space. For example, the existing surveillance technology cannot answer questions such as: Did a single person loiter around near a high security building on multiple occasions? Such perpetual tracking can be the basis for very high levels of security. Typically, surveillance systems have focused on tracking location and activity, while biometrics systems have focused on identifying individuals. Part of the reason for this ad hoc approach is historical – it is only when you can see disconnected sub-systems that it is possible to understand the benefits of integration and synthesis of wider correlations and patterns.

Traditionally both physical and logical security systems have been run in silos, all running on different systems and within different applications. The security market has precluded, until now, the possibility of joining up all these disparate systems. With the advent of IP systems and the evolution of the Internet of things it is now possible to join up and monitor vast numbers of devices in real-time and make hitherto impossible intelligent decisions.

There are many benefits to working with larger and larger data sets, however the system has to deal with this high data volume, variety and velocity. Difficulties include capture, storage, search, sharing, analytics, and visualizing.

Our database and analytics system support both real-time ingest and real-time analysis of these large, multidimensional data sets, and is the core of 2020’s product offerings.