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Business Intelligence

20 – 35th of revenues area unit estimated to be lost as a result of bad information. on condition that 55th of all information is video, it is solely natural that if it is not victimization video, you are not victimization most of your information. regardless of the business you run, 2020 Imaging can assist you get bad out of your information.

You can profile your customers and hot list them enabling you to treat your customers the proper manner. you’ll monitor the footfall at strategic locations of your business facility and effectively cater to the traffic. you’ll monitor transactions and not solely stop theft, however even have a real-time read of your conversion rate.

If you’re associate industrial production unit that ships in raw materials, install cameras at strategic locality of your delivery system and you’ll be astonied to envision our system catch theft. If you’re a road infrastructure company desirous to recognize if your toll assortment is going on in step with your forecast, you wish video-based intelligence at your toll plazas.

2020 Imaging is creating businesses additional intelligent, enable us to assist you!