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Improve the security of every branch across the world through our centralized monitoring system that enables quick response mechanism and more secure operations.

  • Secured perimeter
    Secure the perimeter and keep all branches safe and secure through the centralised monitoring system
  • Secured ATM
    Monitor activities inside every ATM across the globe and manage them through our efficient response mechanism
  • Secured locker room
    Monitor every locker room and avoid robbery or any critical situation
  • Customer profiling
    Intelligently identify High Net worth Individuals walking into your premises and deliver services proactively
  • Criminal detection
    Detect the presence of criminals inside your branches and keep a close watch easily
  • Loitering detection
    Detect and track movements of suspicious people and reduce the chances of occurrence of unwanted incidents
  • Queue monitoring
    Dynamically manage the queues at your counters, increase the satisfaction of your customers
  • Performance measurement
    Include additional performance tracker of your branches by analysing branch wise traffic and transaction patterns through video based monitoring