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Retail Delighting your customers and protecting your thin margins are your highest priorities. Why not entrust technology? 2020 has innovated a radically new technology that can not only integrate your different systems but can also provide real time video intelligence into customer and staff behaviour, thereby directly impacting your revenues and profits.

  • Reduction in theft
    Offer intelligent security by monitoring indoor and outdoor areas of your outlet helping in reduction in theft
  • Reduction in employee shrinkage
    Continuously monitor employees at shopping area, billing counters, and back office stockpile area
  • Hotlisting
    Maintain an automated database of customers for white listing and blacklisting, profile customers the moment they walk into your store
  • Improved customer delight
    Provide loyalty programmes, discounts, and other offers, thus enhancing customer experience and improved customer delight
  • Protection of assets
    Monitor, manage and protect your critical assets
  • Effective conversion rate determination
    Track entry points with billing counters to understand the conversion rate
  • Workforce management
    Effectively allocate workforce by better understanding the traffic pattern of your customers in different sections of the store