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Data Centers Uptime of your data center is your biggest challenge. While you can design a sophisticated network architecture that is highly redundant, you do not want to be interrupted now and then because of facility glitches, you do not want your operator to be complaining of hot and cold areas, you do not want your power circuit to trip often, nor do you want huge energy bills. 2020 Imaging can adapt itself to the needs of a data center.

  • Hot spot and cold spot monitoring
    Monitor your data center real time through thermographic cameras connected over 2020 platform and never worry about your racks suddenly getting hot or the aisle space getting too cold without your knowledge
  • Network alert management
    Correlate real time a hot area in your data center with a router’s SNMP trap that says its temperature is increasing, this is just the beginning
  • Physical security
    Intrusion or fire, you can prevent them before they can happen, after all, post occurrence troubleshooting will not help SLAs with your customers