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Homeland Security

Border protection, anti-terrorism initiatives, emergency management, and preparedness planning are the foundation of securing a nation’s infrastructure and safeguarding our way of life. 2020 Imaging solutions provide an unprecedented ability to enhance homeland security and significantly increase the level of public safety. We provide the most advanced security technologies available to automatically analyze, identify and alert security professionals to incidents in real time. With our advanced features, security and safety can be achieved faster with more reliable results.

Our systems are deployed to monitor single and multi-zone perimeter areas, monitor vessels, vehicles, and people. Our solutions are ideal for securing government facilities, ports, waterways, borders, and other points of entry.

Moreover, 2020 Imaging solutions also contribute to monitoring critical post-incident planning to allow effective utilization of available resources. No other company brings together all the components or delivers the kind of intelligence that 2020 can provide.

Using our timeline you can immediately slide all CCTV footage and other sensor data, and GPS co-ordinates to fractions of seconds and replay the event and review very complex events easily and intuitively turning complex data into easy to view information and giving invaluable intelligence.