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TransportationTransportation authorities have to manage a range of varying issues: Crime prevention, passenger and personnel safety, protecting carriages or vehicles, ticket booths and other assets, as well as monitoring traffic flow alerts and congestion.Our integrated command and control system has the flexibility to integrate into existing networks and infrastructure. It provides a complete array of services that supervise and control mission critical systems via a real-time central unified operations facility. Communications linked with effective information management and control and asset management systems provide enhancement to moving people and goods efficiently and safely.

CCTV, PA, radio, help points and passenger information systems are just a few of the many applications that can be integrated to provide performance and reliability.

Our integrated analytics provide real time, actionable intelligence on:

  • Traffic pattern flow analysis and management
  • Congestion and stranded vehicles notifications
  • Regulate restricted areas
  • Identification and verification of personnel
  • Detect object speed and acceleration for threat and status alerts
  • Wrong Direction Detection
  • Vehicle and Object Counting
  • Apprise security personnel of suspicious individuals or actions
  • Improve system wide information management and situational awareness
  • Provide perimeter and multi-zone protection to secure critical infrastructure
  • Locate, track and monitor individuals and objects with resultant recordings
  • Generate vacancy status alerts