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Utilities have critical requirement to protect their physical assets and monitor processes. Steps must be taken to reduce the vulnerability of the water, gas, oil, electricity supply to the threat of terrorism, vandalism and natural disasters. It is very important to be prepared,  aware,  and responsive to situations from the vagaries of nature to deliberate vandalism , or worse.

2020 Imaging is developing efforts for the security of the utilities against intrusion and contamination by executing an infrastructure security plan using state-of-the-art technology.

2020 Imaging’s suite of technologies gathers information from the utility’s water reservoirs, pump stations, flow meters, pressure zones, storage tanks, distribution lines, surveillance and other physical security systems. The entire system must be monitored, controlled and coordinated by a single person for rapid assessment and response to critical situations.

Our modules integrate a myriad of incoming data and video of varying types. 3D Maps of the location, the site, data, surveillance camera feeds and more are continuously displayed, including a system-wide map which depicts every reservoir, distribution pipe, valve, pump station, pressure monitoring station, water meter and even service vehicles.

Live status data, plus GPS transmissions from the vehicles is updated and displayed, ensuring the ability to respond to system defects, disruptions, damage and potentially threatening incidents quickly and efficiently. The entire system can be monitored, controlled, and coordinated by one person.